This plan allows you to contract us as "your company's advisory design office" for a certain period of time (minimum contract period: 6 months). Regular meetings allow for close communication, sharing of issues and visions, and strategic and continuous design support. This plan is recommended for the following people

-Those who do not have a dedicated department within their company where they can easily consult on design issues.
-Who have no experience in design outsourcing and do not know where to start, and would like to consult with us to decide.
-If we could set up a department dedicated to design only at times when we want to intensify our promotional activities...
-It is tedious to share issues and visions for each project...
-If we could add our own design department only during busy design periods...

For specific details and fees of this plan, we will propose a unique menu tailored to your company's needs. Please let us know in advance what you would like to discuss.
一定期間、制作室を「貴社の顧問デザイン室」としてご契約いただけるプランです(最短契約期間6ヶ月)。 定期的なお打合せにより、コミュニケーションが密になることで、課題点やビジョンの共有ができ、戦略的かつ継続的なデザイン支援が可能となります。 下記のような方々におすすめのプランです。


− Example of monthly 100,000 yen plan menu 
1. Regular meetings (face-to-face/online) 4 times/month
    定期お打合せ(対面/オンライン) 4回/月

2. Design production support 
   (Flyers, storefront POP, web banner production, etc.)


3. Design support via email, phone, chat, Zoom, etc.

4. Participation in brainstorming sessions, advice on flyer composition
This plan is the same as the conventional plan, in which we receive requests from our clients for each one-off project. This plan is recommended for those who have a clear objective, image, and means of output (brochure, flyer, etc.).
単発の案件ごとにご依頼いただく、従来通りのプランになります。 制作物の目的やイメージ、アウトプットの手段(パンフレット・チラシ、etc)などが明確な方々におすすめのプランです。
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